About CLIK

CLIK ENTERTAINMENT, a trailblazing talent provider, stands at the forefront of creating unforgettable experiences. Established in 2008 and officially incorporated in 2012 by Matthew Klich, CLIK has evolved into a powerhouse, weaving dreams into reality through a dedicated team and customer collaboration. Our mission is simple yet profound, “We Create Experience”.

Renowned across the Midwest and arguably the nation, CLIK is the go-to choice for DJ talent and production services for a diverse range of events, including weddings, corporate functions, schools, and private gatherings. Our sterling reputation is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and service.

As part of our expansion, CLIK birthed MASSIVE AUDIO VISUAL, now the foremost provider of lighting, video, lasers, effects, and audio production for colleges and universities in the United States. Therefore, at the heart of our success, is a partnership with MASSIVE Audio Visual, a national leader in advanced AV production. This alliance ensures that every customer receives nothing short of the best equipment available, solidifying our commitment to excellence.

In a nod to our commitment to education and passion for the art of DJing, CLIK launched its own DJ School. This institution is designed to nurture and guide enthusiastic students, imparting the skills needed for event-specific performances.

Notably, CLIK prides itself on zero technical failures and maintains a zero-tolerance policy for anything less than the very best in quality and service. Whether orchestrating the grandest event of a lifetime or a modest gathering for your furry friend, CLIK offers customized and personable solutions for any venue and occasion. Let CLIK turn your dreams into reality and elevate your experiences to new heights.

Meet The Team

Picture of Matt Klich

Matt Klich

President, Resident DJ

Resident DJ, lighting designer, audio wizard, master scientist, PhD mentee, athlete, musician, and lifesaver, Matthew Klich hails out of Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 15, Matt purchased his first DJ mixer and has perfected his skillset over the last 10+ years. He has DJ'd every type of event, small and large corporate events, weddings, colleges/university activities, clubs, and more. When he’s not on the road or performing at events around the country, he spends his time improving business operations and designing new immersive experiences. For him, it’s all about creating sensory adventure, playing those resonating tracks that everyone loves to hear, in an intimate ambiance that he carefully crafted.

Favorite Artists At Home: John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Paramore, Usher, Porter Robinson

Picture of Bryant Monterrosa

Bryant Monterrosa

Resident DJ

Bryant has been professionally DJing for over the last 6+ years, and he’s been a music lover much longer. When it comes to your event, he believes that nothing is more important than the fine details. You’ll have a peace of mind knowing no stone goes unturned, to ensure an experience you’ll never forget. Bryant takes music selection seriously, especially when the request comes from you. He is well versed in coordinating and playing for weddings, schools, corporate, and private events which allows him to draw on different experiences, making each event one of a kind. When you decide to work with him and the Clik team, you can count on: organization, reliability, timeliness, and most importantly, a great time.

Favorite Artists At Home: Frank Sinatra, Fall Out Boy, Kanye West, David Guetta

Picture of Drew Diaz

Drew Diaz

Resident DJ

A doctor during the day, and music sorcerer by night. Drew started DJing at a very young age and brought his talent to his college campuses, then the world. His love for music has allowed him to master the complex art of positively influencing a group of people through masterful song selection. He truly understands, academically as well as emotionally, how music affects the overall tone and ultimate success of your event. Drew’s unrivaled professionalism and national experience have placed him at the top of the industry, making him one of the most sought after and trusted professional DJs.

Favorite Artists At Home: Pitbull, Daft Punk

Picture of John Villarreal

John Villarreal

Resident DJ

A professional DJ, Resident Operation Glow DJ, and an upcoming electronic artist, Johnnie is versed in popular to throwback music.

Picture of David Olivares

David Olivares

Resident DJ

A Resident Operation Glow DJ and an upcoming electronic artist, David's focus is on bass music.

Picture of Joe Crawford

Joe Crawford

Resident DJ

Joe has been with CLIK from the very beginning. Joe has provided marketing and DJ support when needed.

Picture of Torey Earl

Torey Earl

Technician, Graphic Designer

Torey has the best morning routine to ensure each day is his best. He's the person that everyone wants on their project.

Picture of Isaias Rivera

Isaias Rivera


Isaias has a smile you will never forget. He is working his way toward full size production programming and design.

Picture of Cameron King

Cameron King


Cameron may be behind the scenes of events a lot but, as soon as he's noticed, everyone wants him to be part of the party.

Picture of Mitchell Klich

Mitchell Klich


Knowing the tricks of the trade and possessing a computer science background, Mitch uses his skillset to construct systems.

Picture of Stephaine Villanova

Stephaine Villanova


Having worked with CLIK since the founding days, Stephaine is a universal asset, adapting and exceeding every task at hand.

Picture of Will Gmitro

Will Gmitro


Having went to college for lighting design, Will quickly realized he already has the knowledge to thrive in live visual environments.

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