Professional Monograms

Name In Lights, Logos, Dates, Animations

Monogram Display Types


Gobo Projection

Glass is our recommended gobo option, due to its versatility, brightness, and quality imaging. We use custom made glass gobos for the ultimate clarity. It even works great on dark surfaces.


Laser Projection

Laser projection works great for long-distance throws, narrow throws, text, motion/changing text, simple graphics, and short animation. This is the brightest option.


Video Projection

Video projection works great if you want something simple or something animated and don't mind the 10ft footprint. Video projection may only be projected onto a flat light colored wall.


Vinyl Decal

Vinyl monograms can be printed and temporary applied using special low-tac transfer paper. This is typically applied on top of a vinyl floor that we put down or on windows.


Video Screen

Video wall monograms can be displayed on an LED wall or TV screen. This option works well if you will be using video for another activity, presentation, speech, advertising or concert visuals.

Gobo Monogram Packages

Custom Gobo

Metal Gobo

Glass Gobo

Glass Grayscale Gobo

Glass Full Color Gobo

Light Engine

Follow Spot

Graphic Designer

Monogram Design

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