Professional Wash

Uplighting And Wash


Up to 11 Hour Battery

Make the night last with this Lithium-Ion internal battery system embedded in every fixture.

Billions of Colors

Our fixtures color mix with RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs, able to produce billions of color combinations.

Weather/Spill/Kick Proof

They regularly hit up the gym, well it looks like it with their rugged design, not to mention their waterproof IP65 rating.

Extremely Bright​

With a beam angle of 25° and 7x 15W LEDs, our fixtures can output ​up to 6,590 Lux@ 1m, approaching the brightness of daylight.

Wireless Control

We can make color adjustments from a computer to all fixtures, and even give you a light show when the night gets late.

Flicker Free

Don't let cheap uplights ruin your photos. Our fixtures are flicker-free at a constant-current of 400Hz.


As Uplighting

As Wash


Tier 4


Tier 3


Tier 2


Tier 1

Common Pairings
Fixture Facades (per case)
Pre-Charge (per case)
One Additional Color Programming (per case)
Lighting Tech ↗
W-DMX Wireless Control Device↗
Lighting Control Desk ↗
Stands and Truss ↗
Transport Upgrade ↗

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