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Whether you want to host your event from home or a venue, have it pre-recorded or live, have an in-person audience or no in-person audience, or have no idea, we've got you covered.

Novelty Virtual DJ Entertainment​

Looking for exciting DJ entertainment as the event? Check out Virtual Glow!

Packages & Add-Ons


For Live In-Person Broadcasting

Live Tier 3

Live Tier 2

Live Tier 1

Needs: Ethernet Connection with High-Speed Internet, Location, 2x Power Circuits

For Pre-Recordings

Capture Tier 3

Capture Tier 2

Capture Tier 1

DJ Talent

Not at a location but still want a live DJ that's able to interact with your online audience? You're in the right place. Our DJs can broadcast from our professional studio built in our warehouse.

DJ Tier 3

For Level 2 and higher. Requires music licensed platform or Music Licensing. ​

DJ Tier 2

For Level 2 and higher. Requires music licensed platform or Music Licensing. ​

DJ Tier 1

For any Level. Requires music licensed platform or Music Licensing.

Looking For More Live Talent?​

Working with our preferred agencies will make things easier for both of us. We’re partnered with the best agencies so you have access to novelty comedians, magicians, hypnotists, speakers, and more with the stroke of a pen and minimal extra work for your virtual event.


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Virtual Photo Booth

Music Licensing

Event Registration

Event Ticketing

Booths / Breakouts

Virtual Bartender

Virtual Toast

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