What Happens When Your DJ Has An Emergency?

The Emergency

We’re all human, and people get sick or injured, and accidents happen. In the event of a serious emergency, it can be nerve racking to feel like you’re out of a DJ. It’s essential for professional DJs and event organizers to have contingency plans in place for emergencies to ensure that events can proceed smoothly even if unforeseen circumstances arise. 

Our Procedure

1. Backup DJ

Our customers who have this worry, have the option of purchasing a backup DJ to be on standby for their event. Extremely large and/or very important events may do this. Sometimes, if the attendance is over 5,000, we include this in the quoted service by default. However, this is the nuclear option as 99.99999% of events don’t need this much protection. 

2. Replacement DJ

In the event a backup DJ is not purchased, being at CLIK, a well connected company, pays off. Not only do we have other DJs on staff, but even our DJ Assistants have DJ skills and can step in. We also work with companies all over the USA and can fly DJs in, if we’ve exhausted all local options. 

3. Remote DJ Set

In the event a backup DJ wasn’t purchased and a replacement DJ is not possible, it might be possible that the DJ, or a DJ, can perform remotely, streaming their set to the event venue. Perhaps the event organizer prefers the ill DJ to perform from home, rather than be present in the event space. Our virtual events have made this possible, and easy! 

4. Reschedule / Cancellation

In some cases, if all of the above fails, or if the event organizer doesn’t want to have the event without the specific DJ (because their skill is so unparalleled), the event may be rescheduled to a later date, when the DJ is better and available. This option depends on the availability and flexibility of both the organizer and the DJ. However, on the contrary, the other option would be a cancellation. 

Planning Makes Perfect

Everyone does their best to plan for the worst, but communication is key in these situations, as early notification allows for better solutions to be put in place. This is something you can find at CLIK!

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