Every Event Is Different – Discussion To Pricing

Below are a few reasons why we safeguard our pricing, and it’s for your benefit. 

1. Save Time, Go The Right Direction

So, you’re having an event. Possibly scaled down. Possibly the largest event ever. Either way, we don’t operate on a one size fits all mentality. Every event is and should be treated as a brand new project. As such, we have hundreds of turnkey packages and a production team at the ready. On our very first meeting, you’ll have the right direction.


Wedding customers look at our wedding production levels – rightfully so, makes sense right? A good percentage of our wedding customers don’t actually need a Master of Ceremonies, the wedding planning tools, the consulting, and the whole 9 wedding yards. In these cases, time would be wasted, and an over quote would be self diagnosed. This is just one miniscule example of why a discussion is so important. 


We’ve seen companies quote themselves off a DJ production level just for microphone use. We have a lot online, and it’s our job to know it all. We’ll link exactly what you need so you don’t have to scroll all day trying to figure out how to get a microphone for your next presentation. 

2. We Really Do Need More Info

More often than not, we’re missing vital information to relay accurate pricing or even a quote. We’re not going to relay pricing or a quote we can’t stand by. Commonly absent information is:

Additionally, we ascertain our customers’ vision, review our location notes from past events, and craft personalized recommendations so we can hit the nail on the head.

3. Discounts Might Apply

We have hundreds of services on our website. Feel like calculating all of them if we told you an equation of a discount? Okay, well, some of us aren’t as good at calculus as you.

When we have an active promotion that you qualify for, we’re going to apply whether you knew about it or not. Sometimes we have Knot/WeddingWire discounts, military, healthcare, and others. How do we know if you qualify? Answer: through a discussion

4. Comparing Is Important

Unless you’re in our industry, you probably don’t understand nor care about the difference between audio visual (AV) brands and models of equipment. And you don’t need to.

In our discussion, we’ll highlight our features and impart how to make comparisons, both on talent and equipment. The contents in our services are abnormal for a “DJ company.” Underlying, we’re a national production company with the highest caliber of equipment. Every 6 months, we average performing in 19 states. We’re confident that we’re the best bang for your buck.

5. Get Exposed To Production Options

Ha, makes me think of my teenage years… “Can you do this event? We don’t have a budget but it’s great exposure.”

But it’s kind of the same thing. In our (free) discussion, we’ll expose you to all the production possibilities that are trending, and bring to the forefront, innovative ideas. 

6. Post-Discussion

Finally, after our discussion, and after capturing the full scope of work at the meeting, we can furnish a show quote to itemize all of your immediate interests and needs. It is true, the more you add, the more we can deduce the largest bang for your buck. That extra speaker, we might just be able to fit it in the truck without that full travel upgrade!

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