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Real Open-Format DJs

Whether you envision a traditional or unconventional experience, an ambient or high-energy mix, or desire a mix of multiple genres or a singular style – our DJs tailor the experience precisely to your preferences and requested styles, ensuring you have complete autonomy over the music played.

No "Laptop Face" DJs

With our state-of-the-art DJ mixing equipment, our DJs are able to seamlessly blend tracks and musically conduct the dance floor without being tethered to their laptop, that's in front of their face i.e. "Laptop Face", throughout your entire event. Real DJs use real mixing equipment, not controllers.

Professional MCs

Our award-winning DJs excel not only in intuitively gauging your guests' preferences for the next best song, but also serve as a skilled Masters of Ceremonies, seamlessly making formal announcements, coordinating timing, and maintaining impeccable organization, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Expert Designers

Our team of Designers collaborate closely with you, employing their expertise to anticipate every outcome, tailor each element to your exact preferences, and ultimately transform your dreams into a stunning reality.

Advanced Technicians

Just like Batman has Robin in the field, DJs collaborate with Audio, Lighting, Laser, and Video Technicians when needed, enhancing on-site safety, efficiency, and expertise to craft truly exceptional events.


At the heart of our service lies expertiseβ€”hands that know what they're doing. Our team is relentless in pushing the boundaries of the industry through rigorous training and unwavering commitment to safety.

Data Based Music Planning

View the top requested songs based on our past events of the same event type for the same activity, or view top charts from Apple Music, Shazam, and TiKTok right in the planner. You can listen to each song, drag-and-drop it into dancing categories like Must Play, Play If Possible, and Do Not Play, or on special lists for activities like dinner.

24/7 Online Account

Using your account information, you have 24/7 access to view your current service, financials, quotes, event planning, a countdown reminder, and more. Request special planning login credentials for your very best friends and family (up to 3) to help you complete the planning, who do not need financial access.

Crowdsource Your Guests

Whether included in your event invitations or shared via email to your community, you have the option to crowdsource song suggestions, enabling you to gauge their musical preferences. You and your special planner accounts retain the authority to approve or reject their song requests according to your preferences.

Spotify Integrated

If you use Spotify and have a playlist going already, you can link your account with our system and still be able to drag-and-drop the songs in their respective lists.

Timeline Builder

Attached to your CLIK account is a professional timeline builder that contains a premade timetable specific to your event type.


We're ready to help you along the way! By the clik of a button, you can create a meeting, video call, or phone call with us, and have event expertise at your immediate disposal.


If you've been looking around, you've heard the words "state of the art", but we actually mean it. We use imported premium full-range of human hearing loudspeaker systems, sometimes in line-array form depending on the size of your production, called RCF.

Wireless System

Like the countermelody of any good song, a high-end microphone system is warranted for any good event. A Shure mic system is used for distant toasts and announcements. A mic distro and directional antennas may be used, making sure your guests hear every word.


One of the most important parts of a memorable event is ambiance. That is why we don't use "DJ Lights" - they have no strategic or dynamic addition to your location. Instead, you can expect to see lighting that transforms, engages, and compliments the venue.

High-Powered Lasers

We are one of the .0001% of DJ & AV companies in the USA that carry an FDA radiological license for Class IV high-powered full-color aerial laser projectors.


Quality video is critical for presentations, monograms, concert visuals, and more. We use outdoor rated LED Video Panels and Laser Projectors to deliver the clearest picture in any environment.


Non-Flammable Sparks, Pyrotechnics, Confetti Cannons, Streamer Cannons, Pro-Bubbles, Ground Fog, Balloon Drops, Snow, CO2 Jets, Hazers, you name it.


Whether you require a sturdy pipe and drape structure or a truss system suspended in the air, rest assured that our equipment is meticulously chosen to prioritize safety and durability.


At our disposal are a wide array of power solutions tailored to suit the diverse needs of events of any scale and remoteness. We have the expertise and resources to provide both simple and comprehensive power solutions.


From live presentations to online livestreams, our cutting-edge cameras are designed with discretion and precision, resembling robotic prowess to offer seamless side-stage control.


We carry a general liability policy, a commercial automobile policy, and an inland marine policy so we can perform at any location with ease.

DOT Compliant Transportation

Not only are we commercially insured, but we also have DOT compliant drivers with Medical Cards and Commercial Licenses for interstate travel.

Complete Customization

Our equipment comes from a full-size production company. We can provide a copious amount of customization to any package.

Expert Level Software

To go another step further, we use extremely professional software, unheard of in the DJ realm, such as Smaart, Resolume, Beyond, and GrandMA.

Unlimited Music Library

Since most event locations have Wi-Fi, we can access every available song in the world. DJs have full company authorization to purchase as needed.

Access To Novelty Add-Ons

High-Quality Uplighting, Name In Light Monograms, Photo Booths, LED Dance Floors, and more, are all available at your request.

Backup Equipment

Worried about an equipment failure? We test and clean our equipment before it leaves the warehouse. But just in case, we still have access to a warehouse full of equipment.

Backup Power

More locations then you think have a finicky power supply. No fear, most of our packages are equipped with a battery backup system so your event goes on without delay!

Backup DJ

Most packages include a Tech who can takeover if needed. However, you have the opportunity to reserve a second professional DJ to be on-call, if it gives you peace of mind.

Contents may change. Contents may not be in every service.

Wedding Packages

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Pre-Designed Experiences To Inspire Or Elevate Your Wedding Vision

LSD (Lake Shore Drive)


Cloud Gate


Mag Mile


3 Separate Area Coverage:
Ceremony + Cocktail, + Reception


2 Separate Area Coverage:
Ceremony + (Cocktail & Reception)


2 Separate Area Coverage:
(Ceremony & Reception) + Cocktail


Popular Add-Ons

For Weddings



Pipe & Drape

Photo Booth

Song Booth

360 Booth



String Lights

Follow Spot

Ground Fog

Digital Interaction Features

Live Song Request


Live Virtual Photo Booth


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Assistant to The Master of Ceremonies

An Assistant to the Master of Ceremonies may be the least of your worries, but may be needed or necessary if you have certain expectations. Below we’ve listed what you should expect with and without an Assistant to the Master of Ceremonies. In some cases, depending on the size of your service, we may include more than one.Β